Tuesday, August 25, 2020

CEO of flybig Highlights India’s Domestic Aviation Opportunities

Srinivas Rao is the CEO of flybig and an avid aviator. Rao’s deep history in aviation started at the age of 17. Outside of his personal interests in flying and securing a pilot’s license at the age of 19, opening the doors to the world of aviation, he also pursued a degree in Aviation Management and secured a Masters in Aviation while working with various airlines among others during his 35+ year career.

During these experiences, Rao had the opportunity to “think outside of the box and leverage technology” that addressed everything from “fuel efficiency, performance and payload optimization, to aircraft evaluation and route profitability solutions,” he told us. Having been associated with a bio-fuel project in aviation, he feels that hybrid-electric and electric propulsion are the future alternative solutions as compared to aircraft using fossil fuel. He also saw first-hand the importance of data analytics from an airline perspective. According to Rao, “These analytics impact everything from the internal business processes in an airline that bring in efficiency in managing the workforce, to line maintenance management process efficiency, to reduction of layover days for scheduled maintenance.”

Most recently, Rao was tapped for an opportunity with flybig and he “took the plunge.”

He expressed his excitement for the aviation opportunities ahead. “India is a country where a lot of people still aspire to fly and it holds great potential for domestic travel. flybig is looking to connect people and places in the regional space. The pandemic will provide impetus to domestic travel and holidays, which earlier could have resulted in a trip and holiday abroad,” he said.

Learn more about Rao’s career and how he sees the industry evolving in this Q&A below:

Connected Aviation Today (CAT) Editors: What have been a few defining moments in your career?

Srinivas Rao: There have been many defining moments throughout my career. Making it to an airline pilot selection at the age of 19 is definitely one of them. It opened the doors to the enchanting world of aviation. The transition from a Cessna cockpit to a jet aircraft cockpit is a big leap and defining, and it is still a cherished moment after many years in this industry.

On the academic front, doing a research thesis on decision making by airline pilots under time pressure not only honed my research skills, but provided me a perspective on timely decision making in everything we do.

From a management team perspective, I’d highlight my time at Kingfisher Airlines. During that time, I was able to incorporate technology to implement efficiencies in an airline operation. flybig is at the forefront by leveraging technology to help usher in efficiency in its operations. I also value the opportunity to motivate the workforce and encourage them to elevate themselves within the company.

Launching an airline start-up currently is no doubt challenging and will surely offer some defining moments in my career moving forward.
25/08/20 Shany Seawright/Connected Aviation Today
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