Monday, August 24, 2020

These are the most beautiful airports in India

India is one of the most amazing and attractive airports in the country and you will go to the Chowk. Seeing those people, your mind will continue to admire the beauty of the airport, as well as just keep looking at the cold and snow there.

Agatti (Lakshadweep): Agatti Airport is a place where the flight feels like your flight is falling not in the land but in the sea. This beautiful airport is located in Lakshadweep, India. The 4,000 meters long run in the middle of the sea is the biggest feature of this airport.

Mizoram Airport: There is a 2,500 meter long airport built in the hills of Mizoram, by looking at it you will feel as if a vehicle has descended from the sky for you. Filled with greenery and natural beauty, this airport is one of the most beautiful airports in India.

Leh Airport (Jammu and Kashmir): If you are going to Jammu and Kashmir, then wish to go by flight, that is because seeing the beautiful airport here will make your journey even more fun. This airport becomes even more special due to the cool Vadia and the beauty of Leh. Let us tell you that Leh comes second in the coldest places in the world. It is known as "Mystic Lama's Land", "Broken Moon", "Moon Walk".

Shimla Airport: The scene of this airport with a dangerous landing at the highest height is as scary as it is adventurous. About 22 km from Shimla, this airport is very good. The city of Shimla, called the Queen of Hills, is such a beautiful, but the airport here is as beautiful as the city's courts.

Mumbai Airport: Apart from the Bollywood stars in Mayanagri city Mumbai, there is another place that will make your eyes dazzled. We are talking about 7,000 artifacts on the three kilometers long wall of Mumbai Airport, which is not available in any airport in India. This wall, built with 1,500 artists, is visible during the check-in and bag claim of the airport.
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