Wednesday, November 18, 2020

On Gaya to Delhi flight, old lady saw woman pilot in cockpit. Her reaction was priceless

New Delhi: An old lady on a flight from Gaya to Delhi was rather surprised to find a woman pilot in the cockpit earlier this week. Read that again if you may but it's true. Hana Khan, the woman pilot in question, shared the story in a post on Twitter and it has gone viral on social media.

Hana Khan, a commercial pilot, was on duty on a Delhi-Gaya-Delhi flight on November 15. It was all fine until an elderly woman passenger wished to view the cockpit of the flight. The passenger approached the cockpit and found Hana inside, and exclaimed, "Oi yahan to chorri baithi (A girl is sitting here)!" Of course, everybody burst out laughing.

"Did a Delhi-Gaya-Delhi flight today. An elderly lady wanted to look into the cockpit & when she saw me, she exclaimed in an haryanvi accent, "Oi yahan to chorri baithi!" Could not stop laughing," Hana Khan said in her tweet.

"Also. This was when we landed back in Delhi in case you all wonder," she added.

Hana Khan's post has gone viral on Twitter with over 15,000 likes and around 1,000 retweets. In the comments section, people shared their thoughts and opinions on Hana's post and encouraged her as well.

"That elderly woman would surely share the moment of her shock with the chorris of her community and that would be something inspiring for them, no doubt. You are a source of inspiration to many," a user said.

Another comment reads, "Hahaha! I hope it helped break down a life-long perception that she might have held."

18/11/20 Raya Ghosh/India Today

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