Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Woman risks it all to fly to India to bring daughter home

New travel restrictions are in place for some people traveling into the United States from India, as many people in New Jersey and across the country are keeping a close eye on what's happening in the country.

One Ohio woman at Newark Liberty International Airport risked it all to bring her daughter home.

Dan McNeill flew all the way to New Jersey to wait at the airport to meet his granddaughter for the first time as she arrived from India.

“This little girl has no idea how much love she is coming into,” says McNeill.

After a 14-hour flight from New Delhi, McNeill greeted his daughter, Jacqueline, and his new granddaughter.

Taletha Priya, 3, was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in Kerala, India, as a newborn without arms or legs. For years, Jacqueline volunteered at the orphanage. She kept in touch after, learning about Taletha’s situation.

Jacqueline decided to adopt Taletha, but the situation became more complicated when the time came for her to bring Taletha home. On April 22, Jacqueline set off for India as COVID-19 cases and deaths surged, with strict lockdowns in some places.

“Honestly, the trip was hard and there were horrible moments,” says Jacqueline. “Everything you see in the news about India and the COVID situation there, it was terrifying.”

Jacqueline spent nearly two weeks on her journey of challenges and obstacles to bring her daughter home.

“I want her to know just because she doesn’t have limbs doesn’t mean she can’t do anything,” says Jacqueline. “So, it will take time, but we will learn to feed ourselves, and we will learn to dress ourselves and basically instill in her she could do whatever she wants to do.”

Jacqueline raised over $40,000 to make the adoption possible. The family has since landed in Cleveland, Ohio, safe and is ready to start a new life together.

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