Saturday, July 03, 2021

Loud bang heard in Bengaluru city, brings back memories of 2020 sonic boom

Bengaluru: A loud sound was heard in South Bengaluru on Friday afternoon, bringing back memories of the sonic boom of last year. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has said that there was no unusual activity on its part that may have caused the bang.

Last year in May, a mysterious loud bang was heard across Bengaluru, which rattled many citizens as theories and rumours about the major boom spread like wildfire.Soon the Indian Air Force revealed that it was an IAF Test Flight involving a supersonic profile that took off from the Bengaluru airport, resulting in the sonic boom.

About Friday's loud bang, DCP South said, "It seems like a sonic boom. There is nothing on the ground. HAL is close by and over the past two days, Tejas sorties are happening. They are ready for delivery and before that, they do the final sortie check. It looks like a sonic boom as of now."

"We have sent our forces all over but there is nothing on ground yet," the officer added.

HAL spokesperson Gopal Sutar has said, "Regular sorties of fighters and trainee aircraft take place from HAL airport. Today was no different. HAL can't comment on the sound."

Many Bengaluru residents took to Twitter and other social media platforms to report that the loud boom was heard in many parts of the city. Most Twitter users said the sound was heard at 12.23 pm on Friday.

While some feared an earthquake, some were seen asking if it was a blast that shook up the city once again. Most, however, wondered if it was another sonic boom caused by an IAF flight like last year.

02/07/21 Nagarjun Dwarakanath/India Today

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