Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Financially stressed crew pose a safety threat: Ex-SpiceJet pilot to PM Modi; company refutes charges

New Delhi: Alleging that financially stressed pilot and cabin crew aren't in a sound state of mind to fly planes, a former pilot with SpiceJet airline wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that SpiceJet was not paying proper salaries on time and hence it can lead to an accident at any time.

Captain Vinod Loganathan, former pilot of SpiceJet in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Modi complained about SpiceJet that the company is not paying proper salaries to the pilots and cabin crew on time and hence it can lead to an accident anytime as the employees are not sound of mind.

“They stopped my flying duties since October 2020 for no reason and as SpiceJet has been forcing their pilots to fly on per hour pay basis, I finally was forced to resign on February 2021..... Many pilots and cabin crew are financially stressed and are not in a state of mind to operate," Captain Vinod's letter to PM Modi read.

"A financially stressed set of the crew is a flight safety threat and since they are not in the right state of mind a crash can happen anytime,” he added in the letter.

Meanwhile, SpiceJet airline has dubbed the allegation as baseless and has also denied charges of improper payment of salaries to pilots and cabin crew members.

“We refer to the email communication being circulated by one Captain Vinod Longanathan agitating and alleging flight safety hazard at SpiceJet and giving an unfounded colour of being an unsafe airline due to financial stress caused to certain unnamed employees are completely false, baseless and we deny them all strongly.” SpiceJet spokesperson said.

The former SpiceJet pilot further alleged that due to non-payment of employees on time, a crew member committed suicide.

The SpiceJet in a statement and refuted all the allegations made by Captain Vinod and said that the captain was performing poorly.

“The ex-employee had a history of poor performance on account of his attitude, failure in tests and exams and being abusive to his colleagues especially juniors,” SpiceJet said.

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