Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fifty-Fifty: Should Air India Continue To Use The Maharajah?

With the decline of fortunes at Air India, also started the decline of the Maharajah. As one of the respondents in my research so succinctly put it, “The state of the Air India Maharajah is very similar to the state of the real Maharajahs in India. Most of the real royalty are broke. In fact seriously broke. Their palaces are old, run-down and leaky. They have some old family silver. And yes most still flaunt old family titles. But the unalienable truth is that these folks are vestiges of a forgotten past. Much talk about past glory and family exploits, much pomp and show, but no real intrinsic worth. The Air India Maharajah too is a poor caricature of its own self. A pauper dressed in regal plumes.” The answer to the Maharajah’s continued usage may actually be somewhat counter-intuitive. Maybe he should just become a corporate symbol, like a logo and shed some of his active versatility. 

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