Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Airlines Urge Citizens To Be Cautious About Fake Job Offers In Their Name

Fraudsters have evolved a new modus operandi to dupe citizens by posting fake airline job offers in the name of leading air carriers of India. The targets are baited via social media posts and advertisements offering five-figure salaries. Once hooked, the respondents are asked to pay money for an interview and training.

Such cheating cases have risen to such an extent that even the airlines have been forced to take note of it. To spread awareness, several airlines have issued clarifications and urged people to desist from responding to fake job advertisements.

Fake job postings are made on social media with authentic-looking logos of various airlines for pilot, co-pilot, air-hostess, crew member, reservation staff, ticketing executive, maintenance manager, cargo handling etc. Most of these advertisements seek educational qualifications only up to class 12 to attract the largest number of people.

Once the target fills up an online “job application form” they are contacted and asked to submit their credentials. Later, in the name of training and interview charge, the “shortlisted candidates” are asked to pay up anywhere between $50 to $100.

Maninagar resident Jayesh Patel’s (name changed) niece was looking for a job as an air-hostess. The Covid pandemic and extended lockdowns brought the airline industry to a standstill, affecting her job hunt. When Patel came across the job, he got elated and applied on behalf of his niece. He filled up all the details in the online form and even paid $100 in the hope that his niece would be placed with a well-known airline. Upon not receiving any answer, Patel realised that he had been conned. Patel told Mirror, “After realising that I had been conned, I did not have courage to confide in any family member. I also feared becoming a laughing stock.”

Indigo Senior Vice-President and head of Human Resource Raj Raghavan said, “Public awareness is needed to eliminate fraudsters who dupe people in the name of offering lucrative airline jobs. We are committed to making people aware and Indigo doesn’t charge anything for job interviews. People should be aware of fake job postings. If anyone wishes to apply for a job in any airline then they should verify it with the carrier’s official website. We urge people to be aware and cautious.”

An official from another airline said, “Several people have been cheated till now. Fraudsters play with people’s urge to work in airlines. I would like to make it clear that only official websites of airlines should be trusted for job hunting. And secondly no airline charges for interview, training and placement.”

20/10/21 Vipul Rajput/Ahmedabad Mirror

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