Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Teejay Sidhu stranded at Delhi airport with 3 kids, not allowed to board flight due to visa issue

Teejay Sidhu is having a nightmare. As you read this, Teejay is caught up in a visa fracas for no fault of hers per se. The lady is at Delhi's Indira Gandhi international airport with her 3 kids and has been disallowed to board the Emirates flight to Dubai which took off at 4:15 pm, despite having her tickets for the same.

The story goes that Teejay took off first to Delhi from Mumbai and from there, was flying out to Dubai with her children. At the checking counter, she was told that she cannot embark on the flight she had booked for. "The tickets have gone waste and the Emirates officials here acted very rude, especially a guy called Ujjal. Another girl by the name of Divya was of no help either."

Teejay tells ETimes TV that she was told that the visa of her two kids was only till January 2022, while the visa of her third kid was okay till March. "Now, how this happened is beyond my comprehension. I had got the visas for all my three kids together," says Teejay.

She continued, her voice rising in anger, "What ruffled me further was that I was told that I need to go to the Immigration Office in a cab and get it all cleared. The 4:15 pm flight for which I was booked took off. It was only later that a senior from Emirates told me that I could speak to the Immigration office they had at the airport. Once I went there, things got sorted. Pray, why couldn't I have been told this before?"

Teejay added, "Worse, I have now been told to buy new tickets and they are not letting me remain in the airport premises until I buy those. They are saying I was late to arrive but then why did they stop me only at the Customs counter after issuing me boarding passes. I have put my foot down, let them throw me out and I shall see. I will buy my new tickets alright- but can't they wait for a lady who has three li'l kids, one of whom is an infant? They have said that they'll call the security for me and I have told them that they can do whatever they want. I repeat, I shall buy the tickets at my convenient hour."

And why is she going to Dubai from Delhi and not Mumbai? "There was nothing available on the ticket front from Mumbai, so I decided to first land in Delhi and I had taken separate tickets of Delhi-Dubai from Mumbai itself. Anyway, I want to see how they can throw me out," Teejay concluded on a furious note.

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