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MH370: 'Key eye-witnesses' claim they spotted flight in major rewriting of mystery

This month marked eight years since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radars not long after taking off from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing. What happened to the 239 people on board and the aircraft itself is unknown. Pieces of debris belonging to the Boeing 777-200ER have been found in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean.

The first scraps were discovered on some islands just off the coast of Africa in July 2015.

Rather than offer hope, the materials have only prompted further questions and theories about what exactly happened.

Many amateur investigators have dedicated their lives to cracking the mystery of MH370, often spending years scrutinising every tiny scrap of detail.

Sergio Cavaiuolo, a systems engineer from Australia, this month published a research paper which claims to pinpoint the exact location of the plane and what happened to it.

In it, he states that "relying on science alone has not and cannot solve this mystery – not without reconciling the science with the ‘Human Factors’ contribution – ‘Real People’ – a number of key eye-witnesses that caught a glimpse of Flight MH370 at various moments in time during its last tragic flight".

Mr Cavaiuolo goes on to set out, using data, information, and clues — what he calls "pieces of the puzzle" — to determine where MH370 lies.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his research is the eye-witness accounts.

A number of people have claimed to have spotted MH370 on its course, mostly from the Maldives, but their testimonies have largely been forgotten.

Mr Cavaiuolo claims that the eye-witnesses he draws on corroborate Inmarsat satellite data and flight path tracks which have previously been ignored.

British satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat has relevant data obtained by its satellite 3F1, which communicated with MH370’s satcom during its final hours.

This data has allowed investigators to map out potential routes MH370 took after it flew off course.

Drawing from a reconstructed flight path, Mr Cavaioulo writes: "It shows that the Inmarsat satellite data and flight path track of MH370 corroborates several key eye-witness sightings that caught a glimpse of MH370 during its flight, including Miss Kate Tee’s sighting of MH370 (in the northwest of the Tip of Sumatra) and later (further west) the eye-witness sightings of MH370 having made it to the Maldives.

"The last two Handshakes in the Inmarsat satellite data [REF1] that occurred at times 00:11 and 00:19UTC/8Mar2014, produce HRTT RINGS P6 and P7 (the correct 7th ARC) respectively — this places MH370 (at that time) nowhere near the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) but actually in the northwest Indian Ocean (NWIO) somewhere in the equatorial region below the Tip of India and near the Maldives.

14/03/22 Joel Day/Express

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  1. A bit of web research would show that Cavaiuolo's theories have been debunked since they started, and his previously secret report reveals nothing new. It started with his 'image' of a plane in the water. I and others independently showed that the image on Google Earth was from 2012, two years before the plane crashed, and the location was 500 meters from shore and 1000m from a village in the Maldives. Cavaiuolo proceeded to solicit the NOK directly, and came up with his own flawed interpretation of the satellite pings. He doesn't understand the timing of the satellite packet scheduling, and instead assumes a simplistic fixed processing delay. He professes that the INMARSAT folks who designed the system don't understand how it works and only he has the accurate algorithm. Unfortunately, this is all all due to his confirmation bias - trying to manipulate the evidence to fit his theory.