Thursday, February 09, 2023

Anil Kapoor’s small act of kindness for co-passenger on Vistara flight

A Vistara passenger has revealed how Bollywood star Anil Kapoor, seated next to her on the plane, performed a small act of kindness which led to a memorable two-hour flight.

Shikha Mittal, founder of Be.Artsy, said that Anil Kapoor helped her calm down after noticing her anxiety at flying. She revealed that the Bollywood star was seated next to her on a Vistara flight when turbulence caused the luggage box above them to start flapping. Noticing her anxiety, Anil Kapoor struck up a conversation with Mittal in order to distract her.

“The flight got turbulent right at the take-off,” Mittal wrote in a LinkedIn post on February 8. “I have always been bad on flights. In 2022 I developed added fears due to a health condition I am going through because of vaccine/covid (cause unknown),” she explained.

“The moment I kept my hand on the divider in the middle of the two seats, my co-passenger held my hand and said ‘Hey it’s ok. Tell me your name. Let’s talk,’” Mittal wrote in her LinkedIn post, sharing a picture with the co-passenger in question – Anil Kapoor.

“If that moment he didn’t speak, I would have never spoken in the interest of keeping his privacy,” she added.

As it was, Kapoor’s concern for his co-passenger led to a memorable two-hour flight for Mittal, who says they discussed everything from anxiety to financial planning to property prices in Mumbai and more.

“We spoke about anxiety. He asked about my profession and hence we discussed financial planning, retirement plans, money management and writing a will,” wrote Mittal, sharing just 10 of the many topics they discussed. Others included Anil Kapoor’s upcoming projects, his co-stars Madhuri Dixit and Sri Devi, fitness, their mutual love for coffee and more.

When the flight landed, Kapoor told Mittal: “A lot of people will tell you anxiety is bad, but today due to your anxiety we both got a chance to talk, and laugh and now maybe you also treat me to a coffee in Delhi.”

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