Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Woman pays a whopping Rs 193 for Maggi at the airport, netizens react

Many people are well aware of the high costs they encounter at airports, emptying their pockets with various charges. Whether it's a packet of chips or a bottle of water, airport prices tend to be exorbitant. While most individuals may hesitate to comment due to social pressure, many have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction and raise awareness about the inflated prices of food sold at airport stalls.

These inflated price tags can be attributed to several factors at airports. Firstly, operational costs come into play, which includes the lease of retail space at the airport for stores to sell their products. Secondly, as more people opt for convenient food options at the airport, the cost naturally increases due to availability and the comfort factor. Additionally, strict rules and regulations imposed by airport authorities result in security measures that are reflected in the prices.

A content creator named Sejal Sud posted a picture of her bill on Twitter, revealing that she had paid Rs 193 for a packet of Maggi noodles at an airport. Sharing the image, she wrote, "I just bought Maggi for Rs 193 at the airport, and I don't know how to react. Why would anyone sell something like Maggi at such inflated prices?"

Netizens, as expected, had a lot to say about this issue. While many were critical of the situation, some found humour in it. One Twitter user commented, "I guess this Maggi is made with aviation fuel!!! Just maybe!!!" Others questioned the rationale behind such high prices, with one user stating, "Maggi costs ₹50, but selling it at the airport involves significant expenses such as huge deposits for setting up the cafĂ©, high rent, and a portion of revenue paid to the airport." Some pointed out that a beloved food product like Maggi will always find buyers, stating, "When there are buyers, sellers do exist. Maggi being included on the menu confirms its demand."

18/07/2023 Times of India

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