Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Akasa Air Signals Soaring Prospects for India's Aviation Industry

New Delhi: In a groundbreaking revelation, Salil Gupte, the President of Boeing India, stated that India is swiftly soaring to become one of the world’s largest aviation markets, with an unstoppable growth trajectory.

The newest competitor, the ground-breaking Akasa Air, backed by the brilliant Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, serves as evidence of India’s aviation potential.

Boeing India’s President, Salil Gupte further highlighted the astounding progress made by Akasa Air, he remarked, “Akasa is a shining example. Their initial purchase of 72 aircraft was just the beginning; they have now expanded their fleet with an order for four more planes. Akasa Air has achieved unprecedented growth, setting a new benchmark in aviation startup history."

Besides this, the national carrier has sealed deals for a whopping 190 Boeing 737 MAXes, along with 20 state-of-the-art 787 Dreamliners and 10 cutting-edge 777Xes. Meanwhile, the meteoric rise of Akasa Air, marking its first anniversary of operations, cannot be overlooked as it recently placed a monumental order for 72 aircraft.

These developments highlight India’s long-term, steady progress in the aviation sector. These figures are undoubtedly large, but they represent just a small portion of the region’s anticipated total of almost 2,400 aircraft over the next two decades.

Speaking passionately about India’s aviation future, Gupte revealed, “The upcoming fleet of 2,400 airplanes will necessitate a staggering 37,000 pilots, and a comparable number of skilled mechanics will be required to maintain these aircraft. Our commitment is to foster a robust pilot training ecosystem within India, ensuring that our pilots can be trained right within our borders, without needing to venture abroad."


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