Monday, September 11, 2023

Alliance Air Passenger Deplaned For Speaking On The Phone Before Take-Off

A passenger on India’s regional airline Alliance Air was asked to leave the aircraft after he ignored repeated instructions from the flight crew not to speak on his phone before take-off. The passenger was traveling with a large group of people who were also asked to leave as they refused to travel without him.

A passenger on an Alliance Air flight from Silchar to Kolkata was asked to leave the aircraft for refusing to follow rules regarding the use of electronic devices inside a plane. The incident took place on August 5th when a passenger kept speaking on the phone moments before take-off despite the crew’s repeated requests against it.

The cabin crew informed the flight's captain, who also requested the passenger to discontinue the call, but this was also ignored. As this behavior was against safety protocol, the ATR 72-600 aircraft was brought back to the bay to deplane the passenger.

The man in question was traveling with 10 other people who refused to travel without him and were also de-boarded. The entire group was handed over to the police, but they were eventually released in the absence of any formal complaint from the airline or the airport authority. The Times of India quotes an airport official as saying,“There were repeated requests by air-hostesses but the flier, Choudhury, continued to talk on his phone. In the meantime, the aircraft started moving on the runway. Ultimately, the matter was brought to the notice of the pilot, who also requested him to cut the call. But he continued to show arrogance and finally the pilot decided to halt the aircraft and bring it back to the bay.”

11/09/2023 Gaurav Joshi/Simple Flying

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