Thursday, September 07, 2023

Syiem revisits Air India Boeing crash theory

Shillong: Social activist Michael N Syiem has claimed that the United States of America was behind the explosion of Air India Boeing 747 Kanishka that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 people on board.

Speaking to reporters on September 6, he said, “I had released this report of mine in 2011 regarding the explosion of Air India Kanishka on June 23, 1985 killing all 329 people on board.”

He added that since then, it has been under development and he is presenting the findings again.

Syiem said, “Till now, there is no proof of which possibility or theory is correct. My coming here is to get the government to re-investigate the cause of the explosion and maybe go into the details and facts of the ‘Star Wars’ experiment.”

“I was interested in this explosion and made my own investigation and found out that there are five possibilities as to why the plane crashed,” Syiem said.

He said that the possibilities behind the explosion can be due to mechanical or structural failure, mid-air collision with falling space debris, insurance fraud, sabotage by the Indian Intelligence agencies, or sabotage by a bomb explosion.

Stating that till date, no one knows the cause of the explosion, the activist said, “I gave the sixth theory. In my research, I found out that the US government was behind the explosion of Air India in 1985.”

He stated that the US government back then started the ‘Star Wars’ experiment during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The Star Wars experiment involves shooting a laser to a missile causing it to explode mid-air, which according to Syiem, the US government spent billions of dollars on the experiment.

He informed reporters that the first space test of the laser technology was on June 19, 1985 which failed and the US government made a second attempt on June 21, 1985 which was successful.

Having been successful with the second attempt, the third attempt was at the same time when Air India Kanishka exploded mid-air.

“After the explosion of Kanishka, the experiment was shelved and it was not tested anymore,” Syiem said.

07/09/2023 Meghalayan

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