Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dabolim airport issues discussed at advisory panel meeting

Vasco:  The airport advisory committee, comprising local MLAs, tourism stakeholders airport and district officials, met at the Dabolim airport on Saturday afternoon to discuss various issues affecting the airport and travellers. The meeting was chaired by South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha.
Topping the list of issues was the exorbitant rates charged by taxis and the need to regulate the operators. The lack of other means of transport and a proposal to introduce coach services from the airport to major cities in Goa were also discussed.
Members also stressed the need to have a grade separator/flyover at the airport junction to ease traffic.
Airport officials spoke on the need to immediately identify land for parking of buses and coaches. They also want an integrated solution to the garbage problem around the airport, in order to reduce bird strikes and to curb the dog and stray cattle problem.
18/11/12 Times of India