Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flyers won't need to fill up landing forms

Chennai: Authorities are cutting paperwork for those flying into Indian airports. The bureau of immigration has decided to do away with disembarkation forms and under a new system passenger details will be digitally sent to the destination airport minutes after the flight takes off.
This will reduce time spent at the immigration counter and allow passengers to leave the airport faster. Forms for Indians coming into the country and foreigners leaving the country will be done away with from June 1, 2013, said B N Shetty, deputy director general of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), on Wednesday. During peak hours, a passenger can spend more than 30 minutes to clear immigration.
Shetty said airlines flying into India will have to pass on the passenger manifest to the destination airport within 15 minutes of the flight taking off under the new advanced passenger information system being introduced globally.
14/03/13 Daniel P George/Times of India