Friday, June 28, 2013

Trimming male crew: GoAir’s cost-cutting strategy may not be practical

New Delhi: No male pursers will be hired from now on by GoAir, since males are heavier compared with females, add to the aircraft weight and therefore to the airline’s costs. So says a story in the Times of India this morning, citing GoAir CEO Giorgio De Roni.
A former executive director with a legacy carrier says that the decision on whom to hire as cabin crew is the airline’s prerogative but eliminating male pursers is really not a practical idea.
“There are umpteen number of things an airline can do to reduce weight. For example, it can reduce the weight of food and water that is carried on board, use lighter cutlery, uplift only as much fuel as is necessary depending on flight duration etc. GoAir uses Airbus 320 fleet which means it would have, on an average, four crew members per domestic flight. If even one of them is male, does it make such a huge difference to aircraft weight?”
The TOI story says at present 40% of the airline’s cabin crew are male but they will not be asked to leave. It also says that besides banning recruitment of men to the cabin, the airline is also restricting things like weight of magazines and how much water it carries on board. Perhaps we now need male activists to take up their cause on board GoAir!
28/06/13  Sindhu Bhattacharya/First