Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Air India plane aborts take off after cockpit warning light flashes

New Delhi: A Dharamshala-bound Air India plane with 35 passengers and crew onboard was forced to abort take-off when pilots experienced some problems in the engine and a warning light came on in the cockpit while it was in taxiway.
The AI 9813 flight was originally scheduled to take off at 9.45 AM but was delayed due to bad weather at destination and rescheduled at 12.30 PM.
When the ATR Turboprop plane was being pushed back for taxiway, "pilots experienced some problem with its engine and decided to return to bay for necessary check and rectification of fault, as Dharamshala being the hilly terrain, the pilots didn't want to take risk," an Air India spokesperson said.
07/08/13 Economic Times