Friday, August 16, 2013

Stray dogs delay flights at Chennai airport; 100 passengers in a narrow escape

Chennai: Over 100 passengers on a SpiceJet flight from Kolkata had a narrow escape when the alert pilot spotted a stray dog entering the runway as the aircraft approached Chennai airport for landing on Wedn­esd­ay night.
Airport officials said they had stopped take off and landing thrice for 10 minutes each betwe­en 8.50 pm and 12 midnight because of stray dogs wandering into the area.
According to the officials, five arrivals and two departures were delayed for about 10 minutes around 8.50 pm after the Spice Jet flight pilot informed the authorities about   stray dogs near the runway. “A team of apron control officers chased the dogs away.
But they wandered in again at 11.30 pm, when the Singapore Airlines pilot, who departed from Chennai, alerted the operations team about the dogs. Within 15 minutes, the apron control team itself saw movement of more stray dogs inside the airport premises and stopped operations for the third time,” sources add.
16/08/13 S. Sujatha/Deccan Chronicle