Monday, November 07, 2016

A new airport on the anvil ground report - Compensation package to be delayed

The announcement of a final compensation-cum-rehabilitation package for landowners is likely to get delayed amid the allegations and counter allegations by different political parties over the proposed Pune airport at Purandar.
Purandar MLA Vijay Shivtare, who has pitched for the airport in his area and claimed that the ongoing protests are politically motivated, told TOI that the announcement of the package could take around 10 more days.
Senior officials of the Maharashtra Airport Development Company Limited (MADC) had earlier said that the final package would be announced right after Diwali and before the obstacle limitation survey (OLS) begins on November 9. "Many officials of the state government have been on leave owing to the festival season.The final compensation package has not yet been decided.With offices set to open this week, the final package should be ready to be floated for landowners within the next ten days.A majority of landowners are willing to provide their plots for the project. Some people might be protesting, but it is nothing but politically motivated. Some days ago, we got a call from a landowner in Purandar who said he was willing to provide his plot but wanted the state government to announce the compensation package and let them know about it clearly," Shivtare told TOI.
The protesting landow ners, who are against providing their plots, also went on a meeting spree with other leaders.
07/11/16 Joy Sengupta/The Times Of India