Sunday, November 06, 2016

Girl thanks civil aviation minister for swapping seats with her and her ill mom

New Delhi: Twitter seems to give an interesting insight into the way several of India’s Union Cabinet ministers work. Be it the many visas that external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has granted (uniting lovers to helping family members out of a tight fix) to railways minister Suresh Prabhu, who has revolutionised the access to comfort and essentials during train travel (remember the time a guy tweeted out the need for a wheelchair and had one waiting when he disembarked?).
Well, this is not be a story of a tweet reaching out to a minister, but one that will definitely put a smile on your face. According to a tweet by @ShreyaPradip, Shreya was travelling on an Indigo flight with her ill mom. The young girl, whose Twitter profile indicates that she’s from Ranchi, and her mother were given the XL seats with more leg room because her mother could not walk. At a mid-flight halt at Kolkata, it turned out the seats belonged to Union Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha and his wife. Sinha insisted they continue to sit there and the couple took another seat instead.
A grateful Shreya later tweeted: “@jayantsinha @IndiGo6E Ache din is wen Aviation Minister gives his 1st class seat 2 me n my ill mother, sits in d eco class himself Thnx Sir”.
06/11/16 Indian Express