Monday, January 09, 2017

Now, all Air India flights will have handcuffs to pin down unruly flyers

Next time you fly Air India, watch yourself or you'll be pinned to your seat.

The flag carrier of India has decided to keep plastic handcuffs on all its flights to keep unruly passengers seated, reports The Times of India.

Speaking with the English daily, Air India chairman Ashwani Lohani said, "We used to carry restrainers only on our international flights but will now have them on both domestic and international flights. All our aircraft will have two pairs of restraining devices. The safety of passengers and aircraft is paramount. We will not compromise with that."

The decision comes in light of the recent cases of molestation on Air India flight. A passenger on Muscat-Delhi flight allegedly molested an airhostess on January 2 and in a separate incident, a passenger on its Mumbai-Newark flight reportedly groped a co-passenger on December 21.

A senior official told TOI: "Inflight misbehaviour is on the rise in recent times. Our pilots adopt zero tolerance for offences like sexual harassment, both of airhostesses or flyers, and hand over offenders to law enforcing agencies on landing. Restraining a pax (passenger) is one of the last steps and should be done only if the matter is totally out of control."
08/01/17 Khaleej Times