Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jet ‘prepaid tickets’ to beat peak season rush, fare surge

New Delhi: Jet Airways has launched coupon booklets intended to serve as prepaid tickets for assured travel during peak season without any worries about the higher fares. Called "global Jet pass", the booklet with four coupons or tickets each can be bought for Rs 50,000 for economy class and for over Rs 1 lakh for business class, and used for both domestic and international flights.
"The coupons do not have any date-change or cancellation fee. The USP of this product is that one can buy the coupons and then use them for travel even during peak season, when fares are high. Also they are transferable so one can give the coupon to anyone else for travel too," a Jet Airways official said.
For the coupons, Jet has divided its sectors into four zones — Zone 1 includes all domestic flights and destinations in the subcontinent like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka; and the Gulf and Bangkok. On these flights, a person needs to use one coupon each way. Zone two is for longer international routes, like Mumbai-Hong Kong and Delhi/Bengaluru-Singapore.
16/02/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India