Monday, March 13, 2017

AirAsia stops lifting cargo from Tiruchi airport

Tiruchi: Export of overseas air cargo from the Tiruchi international airport has taken a severe hit as foreign airline AirAsia has stopped lifting freight.

The airlines sources said cargo bookings had been stopped temporarily because of operational issues and were hopeful that it would be revived soon.

The sudden move has put the exporters in a quandary.

Notwithstanding heavy passenger load, AirAsia, which operates three flights to Kuala Lumpur from Tiruchi, had been lifting nearly 10 tonnes of cargo – mostly perishables- on an average every day. Since Saturday, this had been stopped.

Stakeholders say this has dealt a big blow to overall cargo volume handling. It comes at a time when the current financial year is drawing to a close with the export cargo terminal left with only a few days to achieve the internal target of 7,000 tonnes set for 2016-17.

Airport sources said they have not received any intimation from the airline regarding the sudden stoppage of cargo bookings nor its revival as of now. However, they confirmed that bookings had been stopped since Saturday.
13/04/17 R. Rajaram/The Hindu