Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BIACL gets sweet deal for Kurnool airport; Re 1 per acre of govt land

Vijayawada: Government land for just Re 1 per acre has been given to Bhogapuram International Airport Corporation Limited (BIACL) for establishment of a greenfield airport at Orvakal in Kurnool district, though the market value of the said land is Rs 8 lakh per acre.  A total of 638.83 acres have been given for the purpose in such a manner.

The decision was taken by the government after Investment and Infrastructure department had made the proposal to the government, citing the importance of the project. Government is keen on developing greenfield airport at Orvakal, seeing a future potential in the district, which is second largest and economically well-balanced.

With plans afoot for the development of Kurnool district as a hub for mineral-based industries and food processing and with massive solar and wind power plants being set up in the district, needed for air connectivity was considered a necessity.

Determining the market price of the land, government on February 2 had issued a government order alienating the land to BIACL for Rs 8 lakh per acre. However on February 6, BIACL managing director M Venkateswarlu wrote a letter to the government stating that the market value of the land fixed is high, which is a heavy burden on BIACL for implementing the unviable airport project. He said the project has been taken up in public interest even though it is financially unviable.
22/03/17 New Indian Express