Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bombay high court to decide if study on height of buildings near airport is needed

Mumbai: Bombay high court on Wednesday said it will decide whether to allow an aeronautical study to be carried out to ascertain the permissible height of buildings in a sensitive core area around Mumbai airport.
"We want to be 100% sure more because this is in everyone's interest. Builders are only interested in profit. It will open the floodgates for builders," said a bench headed by Justice Vidyasagar Kanade. The court heard an application by Sanguinity Realty Pvt Ltd, earlier called Keystone Realtors.
The developer moved court after Airports Authority of India rejected its plea to add three floors to its under-construction 12-storey building, which falls in the inner horizontal surface and is coming up on St Cyril Road, Bandra (W). IHS has a radius of 4km around the airport.
16/03/17 Times of India