Monday, March 06, 2017

Jet Airways' Dubai to Mumbai flight lands without luggage

Passengers on Jet Airways’ Dubai to Mumbai flight were stranded at Mumbai airport for hours on Saturday evening after the airline left their baggage behind.

Speaking to Arabian Business website from India, DM, a passenger travelling with her daughter, said she checked in her three bags at Dubai Airports on flight number 9w541, which was scheduled to depart for Mumbai at 12.15pm.

“Only after reaching Mumbai, passengers were told that their bags had not been loaded onto the aircraft and were expected to arrive at 8.15pm [India time] in another aircraft,” she said.

“There was utter chaos at the Mumbai airport, as there were passengers who had to catch connecting flights. Then we had to wait for more than an hour just to register our baggage tracking numbers with the officials.”

DM said when she checked with the airline hours later, she was informed her bags were “untraceable”.
06/03/17 Daiji World