Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cirrus Aircraft to sell its single engine planes in east

The world's largest manufacturer of single engine planes, Cirrus Aircraft, has taken on board a Kolkata-based automobile dealer to sell its planes in the east. The AKM Group owned by Amit Modi has multiple auto dealerships, including Skoda cars and Indian motorcycles.
AKM has partnered with Urban International Aviation Centre of Excellence (UI-ACE), a Kolkata-based company, to set up an assembly unit for the five-seater Cirrus luxury planes and a flight training institute at Andal airport in Durgapur.
According to Pinaki Roychowdhury, chairman of UI-ACE, the price of Cirrus planes that currently sell for Rs 5-9.5 crore will drop to Rs 3-5.5 crore once they are assembled locally. "A person can now own a plane at only Rs 5-6 lakh a month. We are also offering a scheme in which parking, maintenance, fuel, pilot and other liabilities are taken care by us to offer no-hassle ownership at Rs 25,000 per flying hour," he said.
26/04/17 Subhro Niyogi/The Times Of India