Friday, April 21, 2017

Pratt & Whitney announces DGCA certification for customer training center

A division of United Technologies Corp., Pratt & Whitney has announced today the certification of its customer training center in Hyderabad by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which is the Indian civil aviation regulator.

This is a major milestone for United Technologies Corporation India Private Limited (?Pratt & Whitney Customer Training Center India?), as it allows the company to provide DGCA CAR147-approved training to aircraft engineers and technicians from Pratt & Whitney?s airline customers in the region.

This Pratt & Whitney training center, established to enhance the skills of the work force in India?s aviation industry, is only the third such Pratt & Whitney facility in the world.

The certification means that the training center is now fully approved to offer DGCA-approved training sessions on V2500-A5 engines. It is expected to soon also offer courses on PW1100G-JM and other models from the PurePower? Geared Turbofan? (GTF) family of engines.

?With the Hyderabad training center, we bring world-class aerospace training closer to our customers in this high-growth region,? said general manager customer training Pratt & Whitney, Bruce Hall.

?We are proud to deliver training programs that will help create a more skilled local aviation talent pool and support India in becoming a leader in the global aviation industry,? added Hall.
21/04/17 ANI/DNA