Friday, May 26, 2017

Airfares soar as Indians pack bags for foreign holidays

New Delhi: Making last-minute plans for an international holiday this summer will leave you sweating.
Spot ticket prices to popular destinations have gone up by as much as 30% from last summer with London witnessing the fastest jump in airfares.
But even these high spot fares are not deterring last-minute holidayers.
Indiver Rastogi, president of corporate travel at Thomas Cook (India) Limited, says airline bookings are witnessing a "surge of over 40%" as compared with that in last year.
However, leaving on a jet plane this summer break is proving tough as visa processing at the consulates of the most popular destinations is taking a lot of time due to the rush.
Sample this: Tourism Australia recently sent a mail to travel agents about increased waiting periods to get visas due to increase in applications.
Advising them to file applications at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi four to six weeks before departure dates, its mail said: "Visitor visa applications received in New Delhi during the first quarter of 2017 have increased by 32%, when compared with last year, and the trend appears to be continuing...." VFS, which handles visa processing for most countries, says its application centres are seeing huge rush this summer due to increase in outbound travel from India.
26/05/17 Times of India