Saturday, May 06, 2017

Former SC advocate’s mother alleges harassment by Jet Airways

A former advocate at the Supreme Court, Kawaljit Singh Bhatia, in a Facebook post has alleged that his mother was harassed by Jet Airways officials at the Delhi International Airport on May 3, causing her to have a blackout and an injury in the process.
“10.00 am: I receive a call from my mom that Jet Airways won’t let her board the flight because she is late. She sounds hassled. I asked her to request the officials to let her board and if they still don’t let her board, to let it pass and that will make a booking in another flight,” Bhatia said in his post.
“10.35 am: I receive a call from the airport and hear what literally swept the floor off my feet – that my mom is lying unconscious on the airport floor and that blood is oozing out from her,” he added.
Bhatia also alleged that when he threatened the airline and the officers in-charge of legal action, the officer said, “Do whatever you want to do. Police cases are filed here on a daily basis but still no action is taken. Everything is managed. But if you still want to waste time running around authorities, you are free to do so.”
06/05/17 India