Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In bid to smuggle, Sri Lankan man swallows 12 gold pieces

Mumbai: It took 48 hours for a team of doctors at Cooper Hospital in Vile Parle to retrieve 12 pieces of gold weighing 300 gram from the stomach of a Sri Lankan national, who was caught for smuggling by the Mumbai airport customs on May 19.

While Mohamed Faheem (55), who arrived from Colombo by a Jet Airways flight, voluntarily ejected six pieces of gold from his rectum at the airport, persisted beeping of the metal detector led to him having to be admitted to the hospital. Doctors and nursing staff had a tough time to retrieve the 12 pieces from his stomach. In total, 505 gram of gold worth ₹14.9 lakh was recovered.

Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officials said Mr. Faheem had cleared the customs green channel when he was directed to pass through the door frame metal detector. “Since it beeped giving indications of metals secreted in his body, we detained him.”
23/05/17 The Hindu