Friday, May 19, 2017

Make time for a guided museum tour at international airport

Mumbai: On the occasion of International Museum Day, the Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. launched Jaya He Safari, a guided tour of the Jaya He GVK New Museum located within the integrated Terminal 2 of the international airport at Sahar.

State Tourism Minister Jaykumar Rawal, inaugurated the guided tour, a 3.2-km-long art walk across four levels of the airport. On display are over 7,000 Indian art pieces made by more than 100 artists between the 8th and the 19th century. The art pieces are based on six themes: India Elemental, India Greets, India Sentinels, India Seamless, India Global and India Moves.

The safari, a 15-minute tour of a long curvilinear art wall along the skylight of the terminal, is open to domestic and international passengers. Artworks on display include Palitana Painting, Nocturnal Metropolis, Fortress of Clay and Resilent-Resonances of City.

Mr. Rawal said, “The GVK airport is the modern gateway of India, with 5 crore visitors. Jaya He, part of the national anthem, encapsulates the glory of the nation. It is one of the most viewed museums in the world and it won’t be long before people come and catch a glimpse of the museum.”
19/05/17 Ryna Bhatia/The Hindu