Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Food court for Cial's domestic passengers

Kochi: As part of Cial's plans to convert its old international terminal (Terminal 1) into the new domestic terminal, renovation work has started and they plan to have a full-fledged food court to cater to the increasing domestic passenger movement.
The decision to start work on converting the Terminal 1 to domestic airport was taken soon after the airport opened the new Terminal 3 to international passengers.
Cial this week issued a tender seeking a single concessionaire for the implementation and the running of the two food facilities at the terminal, which will include three snack bars at level 2 and a food court at level 3. At the moment there are limited food options for domestic passengers.
As per Cial's requirements, the concessionaire must facilitate the terminal with one popular international fastfood joint such as KFC, McDonald's or Burger King at the food court. They must also ensure a South Indian eatery at either the snack bar or the food court.
27/06/17 Vikram Vinod/Times of India