Monday, June 19, 2017

Jayant Sinha: Trying to change face of India's aviation sector

After demonstrating an outstanding performance in Finance, for months, an IIT graduate and Harvard MBA, Jayant Sinha, seems to be one of the most underutilised ministers in the Narendra Modi Cabinet, feel many.

A former venture capitalist, Jayant has got the knowledge of the competitive corporate world's experience to handle as diverse sectors as IT, finance, investment, commerce, energy, telecom and industries. He has not only studied the subjects, but has also led from the front, to guide his companies to good profit in the competitive US and Indian markets. He has the capacity to deliver through his astute planning and strategic execution, feel people who have seen him work. As the Minister of State for Civil Aviation he is currently involved in making his aviation ministry's subsidy-based regional scheme — Ude Desh Ka Aaam Nagrik (UDAN) — a success. The idea is to connect smaller cities having small airports with the bigger cities. Jayant's endeavour is to strengthen the airport infrastructure plan through the new aviation policy.

Countrywide 72 airports will be utilised for a total of 108 new routes, creating about 13 lakh seats, for passengers. Sinha means business and with a subsidy of Rs 200 crore annually, he is aiming to transform the aviation scene in the country. His own constituency Hazaribagh in Jharkhand is among one of the centres where small airport will be developed.
19/06/17 Prakash Bhandari/DNA