Thursday, June 29, 2017

Landowners up in arms against airport authorities

About 20 people, who own land around the Coimbatore airport, complained to the revenue divisional officer that airport authorities have begun building a compound wall around their land without clearing their lease arrears and paying the cost of the land.
The airport authorities, who were earlier building the wall, had stopped the construction after around 10 landowners got an injunction against construction of the wall until the authorities clear the lease arrears and acquire the land.
Residents, whose land has been under lease to the airport, said that the past one week construction workers and contractors were coming to work on the compound wall that the airport began building last year to improve security. "Every day when some residents, on seeing workers, chase them away showing a copy of the court order against building the wall," said S Jagannathan, an owner of land in Singanallur. "But we can not keep a watch on their activities every day on our land," he said.
The residents in their petition to the revenue divisional officer, have stated that the airport authorities were free to construct the compound wall, after they clear the lease arrears of two to four years and acquire the land from them. "We just want to be fairly compensated for the land that they are using without paying lease arrears. They should acquire the land from us before building the wall" said the petition. "They are building the wall around land that they do not own," said the petitioners.
29/06/17 The Times Of India