Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This artist has built the most intricate paper plane you'll ever see

When we were kids, a paper plane was a page torn out of an exercise book folded up a few times.

But for artist Luca Iaconi-Stewart, the term has a whole different meaning.

The paper artist has spent years painstakingly designing and building a model of a jet using manilla folders.
The model has seats, engines, moving landing gear and more - and it's taken him nine years (so far) to create.
The San Francisco, US-based artist even laid out the cabin according to the real layout of an Air India Boeing 777 aircraft.
He devoted an entire summer just to the seats - spending 20 minutes on each for an economy seat, several hours for business and first class - complete with tray tables and entertainment systems.

He's now finishing off the wings.

Iaconi-Stewart, who studied architecture in high school, said he decided to build the plane after seeing pictures of it and admiring the design. He designs the parts on a computer, prints onto manilla folders and cuts them out with a knife, then glues them together.
27/06/17 Stuff.co.nz