Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Air India privatisation: Why it will be a culture shock to babudom more than the employees

The privatisation of Air India is set to bring about a major change in the work life of its employees, many of whom have been with the public sector unit (PSU) for a considerable period of time. Chairman Ashwani Lohani reportedly wrote a letter to the staff detailing how the move could result in a work culture change in a bid to prepare them for the likely sale.

"Ownership changes that we expect at Air India would also lead to a change in the working environment and the work culture. The complexities of working in a PSU (public sector unit) environment would get replaced by a corporate culture, a culture in which merit would get a better deal," Lohani wrote in the letter, according to a report in the Mint.

Working for a PSU is largely perceived to be cushy. Job security is guaranteed and one cannot be sacked unless one commits a fraud or treason. You also have more ways to hide your incompetence, than in the private sector, to hold on to your job or even get promotions. Once privatised, all this will likely change for Air India employees.
19/07/17 Sulekha Nair/First Post