Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chicken fight in the skies

The dogfight in the skies is fast turning into a grubby affair.
After Air India said it would stop serving non-vegetarian meals in economy class - a cost-busting move that seems designed to curry favour with a vegetarian and yoga-inspired Narendra Modi regime, Tata-managed full-service airline Vistara riposted tonight with a cheeky tweet: "Chicken or vegetarian? We leave the choice to you."
The ad that Vistara tweeted places two dishes right next to each other: a plate of chicken biryani, topped with a green chilli and a tiny crock of salad, fighting for attention against a bowl of vegetarian pulao.
Airlines in India have been trying to chew up competition with price discounts and innovative offers but have rarely, if ever, been caught up in a gustatory game of cut and thrust.
At the heart of this battle is the element of choice - and the debate over whether airlines should have the right to knock their customers' teeth in with their dietary diktats for the so-called "cattle class".

Domestic flights in India have a reputation for serving horribly unappetising meals - and often compound the fliers' misery with plastic cutlery that tends to snap in two, making a hash of an already inedible meal.

Vistara's jibe also provides fodder for greater speculation. Last month, the Modi government cleared a proposal to sell its stake in the national airline, which is suffering colic pangs over its Rs 50,000-crore debt.
10/07/17 Telegraph