Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flyers sit on airport floor as flight schedule goes haywire

Patna: Incessant rain for the last two days has underlined the problem of paucity of space at the terminal building of Patna's Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport (JPNI) which saw flyers sitting on the floor as their flights were delayed owing to turbulent weather.
Seven flights were diverted to the nearby airports, including Kolkata and Ranchi, and one flight was cancelled on Monday. On Sunday as well, three flights were diverted to nearby cities. Besides, several other flights arrived late.
As flyers booked in these flights on their return journey were stranded at the city airport, the chairs in the security hold area proved inadequate to seat all of them. Many sat on the floor.
Wildlife Trust of India manager Samir Kumar Sinha, who works with Bihar's Valmiki Tiger Reserve, told TOI the security hold area was chock-a-block on Monday afternoon.
11/07/17 Times of India