Sunday, July 09, 2017

Forty new baggage scanners for Chennai domestic terminal

Chennai: Airports Authority of India (AAI) has procured 40baggage scanners to replace the standalone machines being used at domestic terminal and a few at international terminal to scan bags before they are checked in at the airline counters. This means domestic travellers will have to wait longer for inline baggage scanning system which eliminates the need for people to scan bags before checking them in.
The new machines, which have reached the airport, will be used to replace the old machines that being used at the domestic terminal. Some of the machines are rented ones also. When the new domestic terminal was opened, the authorities shifted baggage scanners used in the international terminal to the domestic because the inernational terminal already has the inline scanning system but a few standalone scanners are there to carry out random check of bags.
A senior official of AAI said, "We will install these scanning machines in 15 to 20days. The scanning will be efficient and smoother at the domestic terminal because of the new machines."
09/07/17 Times of India