Friday, July 14, 2017

Plane to Dubai develops technical glitch, grounded

Ahmedabad: As many as 200 passengers were stranded at the city airport on Thursday when their flight to Dubai got cancelled. Passengers had to allegedly wait for hours before the airlines deplaned them and grounded the airplane due to technical issues. The airline later made alternative arrangements for the passengers. The Emirates flight was scheduled to depart from Ahmedabad at 4.25 am. While it went up to the runway as scheduled, it returned back to the parking bay.

Passengers complained that they were asked to wait inside the aircraft for hours before being asked to de-board. Nitish Shah, a 27-year-old businessman who was flying to Amsterdam said, "The flight was initially delayed for 50 minutes. We sat in the aircraft for about three hours, then the pilot announced that the flight has been cancelled. An airline official at the airport told Mirror, "There was some technical issue. After an engineering team checked the issue, they decided to ground the aircraft."

Shah said, "The airline offered us an alternative. Around 1.30 pm, they confimed they booked our journey to Amsterdam in Jet Airways. We lost a day of travelling and about Rs 25,000 worth of hotel booking." Passengers also complained that there was no seating arrangement at the airport. Those who chose to take another flight alleged that they had to go through immigration and customs process all over again. Passenger Rajan Choksi travelling to Dubai said, "It was a very tiring experience. We did not expect this from such a reputed airlines."
14/07/17 Ahmedabad Mirror