Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thiruvananthapuram airport under severe strain

Thiruvananthapuram: The surge in the number of domestic flyers and Indian and foreign carriers operating flights to and from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport has put the facility under severe strain.

With airlines operating in the domestic leg preferring the international terminal on the city side, the airport authorities are struggling to cater to the increasing activity with the existing facilities.

As the arrival and departure wings are located on the same floor of the modern terminal on the Chakka side, airlines find it difficult during peak hours, especially early hours of the day when most of the foreign carriers from West Asia operate.

Although 60 check-in counters are needed, space constraints had forced the airport authorities to limit the number to 38. Only four conveyor belts are provided in the terminal though the volume of passengers demands at least six. The number of aerobridges that facilitate easy movement of passengers to the aircraft is also not enough. At present, there are two aerobridges in the domestic terminal and three in the international terminal.
The passenger movement has gone up from 34.47 lakh in 2015-16 to 38.77 lakh in 2016-17, registering a 12.4% increase. The passenger movement in the foreign sector went up from 22.50 lakh in 2015-16 to 23.09 lakh in 2016-17. The domestic passenger movement went up from 11.97 lakh in 2015-16 to 15.68 lakh in 2016-17, registering an increase of 30.99%.
06/07/17 S. Anil Radhakrishnan/The Hindu