Thursday, July 06, 2017

Three immigration officers held after 53 people fly out on fake passports

Mumbai: Fifty-three people with phoney names and passports — and motives that are not clear — walked past immigration counters at the Mumbai airport and flew out of the country, a severe lapse that has left security agencies scrambling for answers.

The series of illegal exits were allegedly facilitated by three assistant investigation officers with the airport immigrant department over the past seven months, according to the Sahar police.

All three — Anil Surse (35), Harshad Patil (33) and Praveen Ansar More (33) — were arrested recently. Police investigators suspect the trio took cash from immigration and travel agents and manually overruled the red flags raised by the passenger screening systems over the 53 travellers’ bogus passport and visa details. The officers let the people to pass without any questions.

Officials at all immigration counters run every passenger’s passport and visa through a computer to verify his/her credentials. No one can skip this security step before boarding an international flight. Airlines also conduct separate checks.
06/07/17 Nazia Sayed/Mumbai Mirror