Sunday, August 06, 2017

High drama at IGIA after 2 men mistaken for terrorists

New Delhi: Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) witnessed a scene straight out of a Bollywood flick on Friday morning, when two men, who were intercepted by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel, suddenly threw off their backpacks and started running towards the check-in area.
The incident triggered panic and chaos at the airport, with most witnesses suspecting the bags contained explosives.
The security personnel then chased and overpowered the duo, identified as Abid Ansari and Nagesh Kumar, who turned out to be electricians. They reacted in such a manner when intercepted by the authorities as they had been stealing copper wires from the airport. Both were arrested.
According to senior officials at the airport, the incident took place at around 6 am.
A CCTV observer had spotted the two men wandering around the mezzanine floor near the International VIP exit at the arrival terminal. The observer alerted the CISF's Quick Response Team (QRT), which rushed to the spot and intercepted the two men.
"When told to stop and surrender for frisking, the two took off their backpacks and threw them up in the air. As the commandos ducked down, the suspects started running towards the check-in area, which usually remains crowded during that hour of the day. Immediately, some of the guards gheraoed the bags while others chased the two men, who were soon overpowered," a senior CISF officer said.
06/08/17 Anvit Srivastava/DNA