Wednesday, August 09, 2017

No fly list for disruptive air travellers by month-end

New Delhi: As cases of unruly flyer behaviour rise, the aviation ministry is hoping to implement the no fly list (NFL) later this month once the ongoing Parliament session gets over. Once in place, disruptive flyers could be grounded for anywhere up to a lifetime depending on how threatening their on board behaviour was.
"The work is complete and now we are just checking if our NFL is in league with the provisions of international agencies like America's Federal Aviation Administration and International Air Transport Association. We have processed all the received inputs and should be out with the final national NFL by this month-end," said a source.
The list, which was supposed to be implemented from early July, is delayed as the government is seeing how databases of different airlines can be linked so that a person put on NFL by one airline is not able to fly on other Indian carriers too.
The draft rules for NFL puts on board disruptive behaviour into three categories and prescribes different grounding periods for each level, with the ban on flying going up to a lifetime for most serious unruly flyers. Once a person is on the NFL, the draft rules say he will not travel on any flights, whether domestic or international, of the airline which has blacklisted him. While it will not be mandatory for other Indian and foreign carriers to do the same, they can also ground a person on NFL for the same period.
09/08/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India