Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dengue Virus Arrives in Nepal

Six patients from villages near Nepalgunj, Banke district, were found to be exhibiting symptoms of dengue fever. Nepalgunj is near Nepal's southern border with India, recently the scene of an outbreak of dengue fever.
The Nepalgunj Medical College revealed the finding on Tuesday. Nepal's poor medical service means many people fall prey every year to sudden outbreaks of disease such as cholera, encephalitis, Kala Zar, Malaria, etc.
Reacting to the news, the Ministry of Health is starting various programs to check dengue. The ministry has also issued notices to all health officials to take necessary precautions. The chief of disease control at the Department of Health Services, G. D. Thakur, has urged that measures be taken at Nepal's airport since around a half dozen flights operate between Kathmandu, the capital, and various Indian cities on a daily basis.
12/10/06 Shekhar K.C/OhmyNews International, South Korea