Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Air of uncertainty hangs over A-I Express launch

Will it won’t it” still seems to be the status of Air-India Express even though the proposed date for starting Doha operations is February 1.
Air-India manager in Doha Debashis Golder was candid enough yesterday when he said that he was still “waiting for guidance from his seniors in the headquarters” regarding the start of the service by the budget carrier from Doha.
The service “is supposed to start on February 1”, he added.
In anticipation of inaugurating the new service, the full service carrier, Air-India, has closed its reservation system. But the Express is yet to open its booking.
Air-India Express has already postponed its Doha service a few times. It was first announced that the service would begin from October 2005. Then it was postponed until last April, then rescheduled for October 2005, only to be put off again until this February.
Will it be rescheduled again can be answered only “by the end of this week”, Golder said.
08/01/07 Arvind Nair/Gulf Times