Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Space jam: Global fliers turned back

Mumbai: Air India passenger Shama Shirodkar, booked for the Mumbai-Paris-Newark flight (AI 191) on Monday morning, had to return home when the airline's check-in staff refused to honour her confirmed ticket. "I came from the US on December 24 and had a confirmed return ticket for January 8. When I approached the counter only three passengers were ahead of me. I was told the flight was full and I could catch one next morning. About 50 passengers behind me were also offloaded."
Another Jet Airways passenger Navin Sharma, who was refused boarding his flight to Singapore on Sunday despite having a confirmed ticket, sent out e-mails to newspaper offices and Jet Airways officials seeking clarification on the airline's confirmation policy. In his e-mail Navin said: "When I checked in for the Jet Airways 11.30 pm Singapore flight, I was told it was full."
"It was a straight 24-hour delay. When I asked them to refund the ticket, they refused saying it was not in their policy. Finally, with no choice, I had to accept the ticket for the next flight," Sharma said.
08/01/07 Lalatendu Mishra/Hindustan Times